Time to MOVE!


Puuhhh… I spent a lot of time in producing our new CD: MOVE. The basictracks came from Axel and Andreas and I was excited about it. I produced it in my new Studio in Heubach (GER). Tons of tracks and overdubs (up to 60 tracks). I’ve used for the additional tracks the Virus TI, Omnisphere and NI Reactor. For the Guitars my Kemper Profiler and the Strymon Big Sky.
A lot of Skypemeetings with my both friends and many betaversions later, it’s done. It’s again a pressureful sound. Our requirement was, not to produce only a sequel to Distance” (That would have been too easy…), but to create something different.
Whats new?
We dispensed with the classic electronic-music-patterns, like “start a sequence, take tons of strings and accordlayers, fade in fade out – ready”. We wanted to reduce the guitar dominance in favor of other sounds. I know, my maxxess-fans will cry, but that we can bombastic-rockmusic, we have proven often enough (Don’t worry, there are some killersolos… 🙂 ).  To do the same thing twice is a sweet poison… We also wanted to structure the music more clearly and create more space for something else. We also wanted to integrate more “groove” and other music styles.
Now it’s done and it’s time to MOVE…

Checkout: http://pyramaxx.de/media/

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